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In a moment's touch, a metamorphosis untold,

A soul ignited, a spirit determination took hold.

A transformation profound, from a quiet slumber stirred,

He became a tempest of drive, an ember fiercely blurred.

Within his veins, a bushfire crackled and roared,

A zeal so intense, its flames leaped and soared.

Recollections of encounters with the deceitful and sly,

Fueled his determination, reaching for the sky.

A stallion upon a path, he felt in his core,

Guided by destiny, he soared for the score.

No longer confined, he ventured anew,

Into the wild, forests, where dreams once grew.

Amongst the trees and the rugged terrain,

He carved his passage, breaking each chain.

No longer among his kin, yet forging his place,

He embarked on a journey, at his own pace.

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