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Carrie and Barry

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

I recalled the day Barry

Went on to marry Carrie

The complications were scary

Paula became a serial a caller

But Paula was never a holler

Paula - oh my dear sweet Paula

Something explode inside her heart

And suddenly she couldn’t breathe She would never ever let him be His smile controls her heartbeat

He'd run as far as eyes could see

But she walked to him with mirth

If he was water, he'd evaporate

But water doesn’t seized to exist

He just does not care for the tryst

He has no time or energy to waste

She had said time is valuable

He cares not for her timetable

Tears in her eyes quietly flowed

This world can be a heavy load

As she sets off on that vengeance road Reckoning is only a footnote in her goal

She is willing to fall into that big hole With bitter-sweet resolve in her soul

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