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Down By The Riverside

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

In the hush of night, by the homeward riverside,

Where the waters ran deep, the currents swiftly glide,

The moon silently weeps while the tides lift,

As stars chime dirges, poignant dark clouds drift.

A journey beckoned, a farewell to say,

Yet the river whispered enticingly its way.

Nippily, it flowed, a liquid deluge embrace,

Each ripple is a memory, a lingering trace.

Now, the time has come to bid goodbye

Yet the Spirit lingered in the night light so high.

Stretching hands across the celestial plane,

After etching stories on the earth's vast terrain.

Land and water, love and life, an eternal dance,

Woven by the soul, a mystic weft and wrap trance.

The air, the moon, and time’s shifting sands,

Craft tales where destiny has its final stand.

As the soul ventures forth, the current pulls,

The Spirit's touch, in the silence, lulls.

Kinfolk’s hearts, marked by an ethereal hand,

Bid farewells scripted in nature's command.

From the river’s deep to the sky, the current swift,

The moon bows down to reveal a tender cosmic gift.

Yet, in leaving, our spirits remain united,

In the dance of departure, into celestial light.

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