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As I Prate On

As prate takes hold, life passes quietly by,

Time flies, life-force’s energy discreetly drops,

Thick fog drifts in, obscuring the mind’s options,

Time riding the tide spills out, drip, drip in potions.

Like a breeze thru the fingers, it leaves a sigh,

Idle talk steals time, can't find the reason why.

Loins, rest, repose, a deceiving serene embraced,

Empty rewards, a blissful layback entranced.

As haze and shrouds envelop duty's spans,

Life silhouetted slips through the narrow bands.

Spurred on by the river’s surging relentless flow,

Times secrets cargo shifts, aft is lost to the bow.

Muffled whispers of alarm bells chime,

On their appointed rounds, warns of lost maritime,

Conquering plans execution, prompts energy’s host,

Consistency pushes routine to redeem time lost.

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