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An Eternal Moment

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

To spend a moment with you

is a gift that I don't deserve;

to spend a minute with you

is beyond what I comprehend;

to spend an hour with you

is what perfection feels like;

to spend a day with you

is to bring my dreams to reality;

to spend a month with you

is to see how time knit us together;

to spend a year with you

is all I ask each moment.

And that all is not enough –

I choose to spend an eternity with you

and join our fates together.

I ask you to be my better half

and teach me to love over again

each morning when I kiss your forehead

and each night when our bodies intertwine.

Our souls are already together,

so will you marry me and let them stay forever?

All these years, I wake up with you in my bed.

Forever is not be enough to fulfill a soothsaid

The love of my life; my beyond forever true love.

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