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A Fragile World of Hope

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

You shook my lonely life with just one tiny smile that turned your endless depths of elegance and unknown footsteps into a fragile world of docile hope. And little did I know about that flaming love that others pretend to own and understand. And little did I know about sleepless nights when sweet dreams are simply not enough till day lights.

You grabbed my soul; you intertwined my mind, and my body did nothing to stop you – you demolished my lonesome future with just one tiny smile to mold a fissure. It is a marvel to have no control and still feel on top of the world.

And after years of happiness together you asked me when did I fall in love. I sat in silence and turn my mind off. I never did. I yielded my heart's speed. You cannot fall in love with someone who you love,

already even before you meet.

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