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When The Wicked Shall Return

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

The Know Nothing's Tea Party - going bust

While armed to the teeth with an avarice mask

Has bought the willing faithful at full cask.

Manipulating the self-righteous for their trust,

Through false promises and cunning lies,

They receive allegiance with deceitful ties.

Feeding on desires, they stoke the flame,

Of naive loyalty to their acclaim.

Where are they; who are the lock her uppers?

Soon you'd see him in the striped suit as dapper

Where is your fervent zeal till he got indicted?

Fallowing a grab in the wings to be knighted

For the lines were crossed, so claimed the fools

Where were they when he plowed thru mines?

No barriers or guardrails could hold him in line

Then, they applaud the breaking of the rules

In the cause of justice and wisdom, we must stand,

To break the chains of this manipulative hand.

To nurture a politics of virtue and grace,

Where honesty and compassion find their place

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