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What In Sun-toasts’ Name

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

What in the ’sun-toasts’ name is going on?

From many cities, the old biddies were sworn

In, to forewarn of this s-hit-show with their popcorns.

Shouldn't the house enquire about his inequities inquiries?

Why is the nation barking for his resignation,

While he still bakes new lies with strings and wiles?

He is attached to his house seat as if starched

With each name called, the lad sinks deeper like a latch

Could he ever be so eloquent with lies as less frequent?

Do unhealthy deceits not make us all less worthy?

Somehow, his legendary trickery formulates our life of misery

When would mythology articulate his ever-changing dark history?

In that chamber, is his hidden existence not in amber?

Tomorrow’s sun-toasts would be much worst

While in fear of his command, the truth we should demand.

Should the citizens not learn from the denizens?

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