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Wanna Be Your Friend No More

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Your visible physical impression

Your actions and self-expression

The public sees and gages you

So, they thought they knew.

In your interior, silently it grew

It was that self-invisible, the shrew

The one shielded from public view

Yes, there were two sides to you.

It is composed of flimsy tinder and frame,

It needed only a little spark to leap aflame

Kindred, the latent timid spirit turned a matador

Baying for blood and gore, ready to settle a score.

The real you with your bloody finger

That squeezed the self-destruct trigger

Then, the silence was perversely covert

And the air solemn and somberly overt.

You were a man on a mission of martyrdom

Touched by the dark alleys of your kingdom

For you, victory was in death, bloody death

Your subconscious is buried in filth and dirt.

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