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Useful Idiot Goes To Russia

A cowardly goose returns to Russia from YouTube,

The shock jock, a pathetic dog of erstwhile FoxTube,

Was all giddy with exigency, ready to go!

Feeding his conscience with his fragile ego for the show.

The traitor, a malignancy in our nation,

Lacks human decency, humility or a caring notion.

The roughness of his tongue,

Belies his useful idiocy, the bitterness of his song.

In the bowels of dim-lit bars and mines

Where he explores, the shadows dance with gleam,

The Moscow mule's cunning dreams run in streams

With his band of idiots, concocts twisted schemes.

He scours the depths of cyberspace,

Where truths are bent and blurred in the face

Feeding on the fears and doubts,

Of those whose minds are deemed and stirred about.

The compatriot sips from cups of Russian propaganda,

A toxic blend of lies and dilutions of grandeur,

Stirred with deceit's cruel tool,

In dribs, he swallows the poisonous sap made for useful fools.

With every slurp of falsehood sway,

His conscience fades away,

As he leads his band of kooks astray,

Like sheep, the muttonheads are led to dismay.

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