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This December

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

December always the twelfth a final tender.

Highlights on the Julian-Gregorian Calendar.

Like seven others, it's fleeting 31 days to give.

Remember, the muster roll only comes to leave.

Rome Romulus christened a Latin tenDecem.

In days of yore, March was the first term.

That was during the month-less winter days.

Then up in front, enter January and February glaze.

This season December has a troubling forecast.

Political power grab wrap in nativism broadcast.

As the pandemic decimates flesh and blood in a repast;

The skimming half-assed bombast harasses a bypass.

The dictator's deadly craving for power conceive;

The four-year make-believe deceives the naïve.

Here the nation is in a new vaccine safety wave.

This December, a sad time transmits lives unsaved.

Now the informercial dictator seeks credit for the vaccine,

Hoodwinks refuse to acknowledge the effects of COVID-19.

Then a competent leader will work, pretender's manure to clean.

December has a bothersome gangrened limb to supervene.

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Thanks my brother


Charles Senu
Charles Senu

Hello Joe. Another beautiful poem depicting some aspects of today's life story. Well done.





Lawrence Dagadu
Lawrence Dagadu

A beautiful piece Joejoe. Excellent capture of the reality facing us.....I enjoyed it..

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