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The Self Righteous

Within privilege's fold, the Self Righteous dwell,

Unconscious, on precipices, they weave their spell,

Deceitful politicians scheme for a personal rise,

Straining beliefs and values in pursuit of their prize.

The Ignorance Assembly, unjust in stance,

Armed with greed, wears masks of avarice,

Has lured the faithful into a deceitful dance,

Buying loyalty with a barrel full of promises.

They manipulate the self-righteous heart,

With cunning falsehoods and pledges untrue,

False veils and hollow words, their tools of trade,

Leaders' accountability, debt needs to be paid,

But should the vile wicked reenter the race,

The sun might shun the heath and hide its face,

The moon could spurn the Earth and lose its place,

While rivers' stench reveals the curses of the human race.

Can the straight and veritable claims,

Hold former leaders accountable for their games?

Unified and astute, we must rise and proclaim,

Breaking manipulation's chains, extinguishing its flame.

Nurturing a time where virtues take the lead,

Honesty and compassion intertwine, indeed,

In this landscape of politics, noble and just,

Truth and empathy prevail in whom we place our trust.

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