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The Dawn of Surrender

The rolling dark clouds descend, chilly and wild,

Echoes of songs of dirges, in fear compiled.

Mugshot the conspirators, a that's worthwhile.

In chaotic twirls, traitors stained with vile smiles,

The approaching day, unyielding and close,

Daylight embraces justice in firm and lasting pose.

Sunshine burns wool in the eyes as nightmare bestows,

Mugshots of all the president's men imposed

The conman brash and bold had sold dreams in gold,

To political operatives who without shame enrolled,

The simple folks saw a fighter for their cause

So they help with it when he impugned the laws

The pool of fools, tripped by the fudge factor,

Had bought and paid for the hideous detractor.

Only to find in him a sickening self-dealing transactor

They who comfort the traitor, caveat emptor

The days roll on, dreams of grandeur in repose.

Probity and countability, as justice impose

The victim minds cleared to the manipulator

To the would-be dictator's followers, caveat emptor

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