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The Carnage

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

It was late in the days around Christmas

At the gates with rolling disturbing saga

In the middle, conspired the mad MAGA

When he carried out the coup isthmus

He torched democracy to the dawn of the abysmal

Wherein the camp followers were sworn

The minions upgraded with their horse blinders on

So, they extend their trust in Don the con

They cuddled the American carnage with a scorn

Stop me when you catch the trend thereon

At the hearings, we learned of their crotch rot

And beating in their apathy hearts, a coup to plot

But, pity them not, when those traitors are caught

For willfully they disturbed the whole neighborhood

With gleeful offensive derisive mirthful, we booed

We chuckle with tumultuous guffaws

At things that motivated the outlaw patriots;

Things that invigorate the bumbling idiots

Who is tougher - a coward or worst scofflaw?

Or is it the boneheads who interrupted the law?

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