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The Super Blue Moon

Updated: Jan 2

For a celestial delight, I asked for the blue moon,

By its enchanting glow, a beacon till noon

Stars gather 'round, a shimmering embrace,

As the moon dons its robe of ethereal grace.

In the midnight season, it takes its throne,

A rare visitor in the night sky's zone.

Blue moon, tell me your ancient tale,

Of cosmic mysteries and secrets unveiled.

You paint my world in a silvery blue,

A tranquil hue for my dreams to come true.

Under your gaze, hearts softly entwine,

As the universe weaves its design.

Moonlit whispers in the gentle breeze,

Stirring emotions like rustling trees.

Blue moon, your magic fills the air,

A moment in time beyond compare.

So let me bask in your tranquil light,

Embracing the wonder of this night.

The blue moon reigns, a celestial sight,

Guiding me through the dark with its gentle might.

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