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The Big Lie High

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Half-empties high on the Big lie

High-falutin' falsettos loaded aloft

Twixt the seasons of the rallies.

Falsity rears falsity, draws hapless addicts.

Like moths and gadflies to lampposts

Like a dead river flowing to the sea

They, the fallen leaves brown to stay

Hibernating-mammals, the wretch waylaid.

The kinsmen, breathless, have staid.

They who have gone ahead

After the cycling springs' bloom

The winters' chill and summers zoom.

Democracy stirred awhile to caution heed.

Our troubled minds see power and greed.

Double-faced in the throes of nightmares

They reveal wily fingers on their triggers.

Find footsteps of old dispensations.

Awaken broken fossils of dead dreams.

Resurrect oracles to cure the Big Lies.

Some will stay captive till the road's end.

Adapted from: End of the Road

Written by: Dr. Mawuli Adzei

Ghanaian Author and Cross genres Poet

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