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The Air Up There

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

When temptations take the hand of success

And swear never to let go of the glowing skills

They head for the very top of mount stress

Squirrelling just for the superficial thrills

But the air on top of the mountain is thin

They scurry all day only to snarl at the valance

For peace of mind, that is out of reach from within

The weight of life scales are out of balance

While preemptory haggling over minor chatters

Peremptory quibbles about insignificant matters

They jump onto a lounge and scribble into a scrawl

They haste to paste that tastes like a sprawl

But one grain can calm the squirrel's stormy sea

After years of sin, they find that rotten grape

Feeling bad, feeling guilty, and sorry with no glee

Success stumbles along the beaten path to flee

Temptations on their own find their way home

The night fears and terror are now all gone away

And overnight success finds a better way

Weary minds earn their rest and never again roam

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