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Tainted Dignities Virus

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Doctors perverted,

debased are wont to hope

You are fit to withstand disease

and cope.

An indication of an unimproved condition,

Preordained for tainted dignities

and dominion.

Lofty; the wholesomeness of offices

and authority.

What duty is competent,

when managed with lies?

If a man wishes for what he will never attain,

He lacks the power to inspire,

inform, and maintain to aspire.

This man unable to function naturally;

Fashions methods contrary

to nature manually,

He merely imitates the successful person

with a mask.

His emotional and disastrous guts

not fulfilling the task.

The debased base seeks it without virtue,

remains pitiful.

Who discerning in mind would judge

this man dutiful?

Who calls him successful?

My rights, the ultimate Good

is sought relished by all hoods.

All should know,

Good always shall prevail,

and evil shall fall.

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