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Striped Suit

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Where are those voices that chanted names?

They who bind allegiance with strings askew.

Fanning desires to continually stoke the flames,

Of naive native fervor for their twisted acclaim,

"Lock her up!" they roared with fervent zeal,

But where are they now as the tables turn?

An Indictments echo, revealing the real,

Now silent as justice fires its somber game?

The suit of stripes; a lesson they must learn.

He soared too close to lines our fathers drew,

No barriers could halt his reckless flight,

When norms shattered, their applause grew,

Regardless of what the Trumpers perverse,

Unleashing chaos upon the night's traverse

The echoes of their actions linger still,

In the annals of time, a tale to distill.


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