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Steroids Tight Ropes

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

The loaded steroids are the ones probably walking.

Most likely, the existing hypochondria also is talking.

The craze infection situation is not nosocomial.

Likely, it results from steroids with hidden microbial.

National mortality has passed two hundred thousand.

The meds have the emperor on a comical headstand.

The souring to dominate pitching is soaring parochial.

The patient is not patient on transmission risk testimonial.

This fissure and illness should change him:

To abandon the belligerence and not to skim.

Embrace his inner empath, which affects his whims.

To concur that doctors and scientists are right slims.

Well-adjusted humans can endure hardship.

Sycophants mortally confused are happy to worship.

We don’t have to say any of this, but we hammer on.

Positive ordinary masses will die, who cannot get Regeneron.

Caesar may be actively replicating virus to custodial.

Keenly the tricky moral issue becomes chagrin ceremonial.

What office is effective when led by dangerous instability?

Unapt scurry only produces pending high office nihility.

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