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Republicans Fascist Miasma

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Verily, fascism came to the American Capitol.

It indeed conspired and formed a secrete cabal.

The conspiratorial seceders from times Medieval.

It was such a secret scheme for Jim Crow revival.

A selfish man's pride was injured and bruised.

Who tells the deceived the truth himself seduced?

He demands loyalty but rewards you abused.

You can trust not to heal his egos contused.

When fascism came to the American Capitol,

It was cloaked in the same American flag.

But, it sure showed the way to get the snag.

Public trust abuse gave rise to a scumbag.

The coup quickly is disemboweled.

And today's traitors have us befouled.

The American democracy prevailed.

The red baiters' insurrection failed.

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