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Rugged Edge of Insanity

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Know-Nothing party, American Party flourishes again.

An ideology repeats to Make American Great Again.

It varies no MAGA payoff of the anti-immigrant bargain.

It started to manifest itself again like a rabid carcinogen.

A rising tide of immigrants is a threat to the economy.

See the political insecurity of native-born born-again autonomy;

Give a rebirth to the secret Order of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Its mad conspiracies; were birthed irresponsibly in that manner.

Members, when asked about their nativist organizations,

were supposed to reply that they knew nothing.

Its new leader, a grifting character always in truncations.

He hoodwinks the anti-Roman Catholic good-for-nothings.

A national political entity now trying to validate an aberration;

They declaim the foreign-born holding public office exclusion.

The southern white supremacy banner still held aloft;

They quaffed mindlessness to abstract logic; they coughed.

Know-Nothing party was achieving illustrious delusions.

It seemed it did very well in state and local elections.

Now MAGA quickly ranked the conservatives' illusions.

Caught and falling apart, they clasp their deceptions.

Aforetime a derogation for subtle racists and xenophobes.

The new-old cult demanded, poked, prodded a retrograde.

They yodeled loud anti-Roman Catholic sentiments shticks.

In defeat, the MAGA madman burns with frenzy charades.

He wants to take the country down with him.

Leaving power is unthinkably frightening for this vanity.

A man now will face the reckoning for his illegal skim.

There's no redemption from the rugged edge of insanity.

Your obstruction of Justice increases your debt retribution.

Your smelly 24/7 stunts, they stink to the high heavens.

The law eventually will perform in the gathering storm.

Deliver human Justice to the train wreck sleeping crewman.

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26 nov. 2020

COVID-19 on a rampage.

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