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Rivers of Ink

Updated: May 27, 2023

Foxy deceits dithering here and there, on earth

Tethered to the edges of inevitable death

Authoritarians make life de minimis in the law

But halo minds wish to probe to find the flaw

That's buried cruelly in the dirty pages of yore

For the incipient death of irony to ignore

In that employ, their hands stand remanded

What repeatedly, the devil had demanded

Now, a flash of stimulation gives way to fevers

Truth is set to give birth to guilt for the fibbers

Their existence written in rivers of ink is spilled

In every living memory, tongues are pealed

Like a roving gang of toddlers without a care

Each pair of maggots makes the future unclear

They live a life that matters only in trophies

Theory about motive drift from grift to base

While impotent rage lives way down in the back

Where mastermind-idiots are stuck in the dark

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