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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

I am going to court for justice!

My DNA has now ransomed,

preserved and frozen in time.

Your NDA meant to cover

the illegally perverted,

has guarded for your lusts and crimes.

Come to justice with clean hands,

nobody dies,

Do not apply to the well to do

in this land's body of lies.

For blacks have fallen low,

they never firmly stood.

Join the armed forces from my family tree

in the hood.

Sign up with the armed forces being a patriot

in a good mood.

Join the armed forces, just looking for a job

to avoid the blob.

Join the armed forces for a legal way

to kill people.

Serve honorably doing menial work

on spire and steeple.

Shout the fallacy of desperation

by all kinds of people on Fox,

News; But Vox is not Fox

News: You must think

we are all stupid.

Not guilty; the judge declared,

then, the bad cupid a die-hard rapid.

Quick, we realize our system is not perfect,

call Drumpf.

Give DJ Drumpf

a trumpet and lay down the lies,

and sing his triumph.

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