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Radical Traditionalists

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Could love for thy neighbor reside in them

When wolves acting like sheep stand firm

With integrity breastplate

To wear the salvation helmet?

They wield the Word like a sword

And set chance and charity at odds

The knight invested, not with love

Carries the shield of faith thereof

Is it for always to have and to pray,

As often as he shall at night lay?

Or has that love for the AR-15 rifle,

The symbol of far-right, turn to trifle?

Land and blood in the hands of devoted men

Engaged in spiritual battle between fate and amen

The rifle is firmly a sacred object to the rads

It has acquired a militariy in meaning for the trads

The AR-15 is now to clear a path to holiness.

To haunt the vulnerable living in loneliness

Vague is the writer who preferences, to vent

Plague is the rider who affirms as he went

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