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Pathetic Evil Lies

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Now, all ponder but not

to complain enough,

Digging a hole

like a mole

to the debased south.

In these united states,

such should happen,

Efficacy of hydro-chloro-quine

lies sharpen.

Under the rule of law in these states

ill-doing reigns.

A pathological pathetic liar,

his lies ring,

Under the rule of law,

evil burgeons and most cringe.

He squirts disinfectants,

as she squirms, this surgeon.

Virtue not only lacks its reward,

but it is also marked.

It is trampled underfoot

by the shameless political hacks.

Villainy is unpunished,

and vileness varnished.

It remains as though

it is a well-ordered estate.

All follow paths assorted

not only blue states,

Burghers aim with zeal

towards happiness.

Treachery leads

with pettiness

The resident's infirmity of evil

is self-evident.

The instability of evil

is made manifest.

Your minimum viability has put you

to the test.

All men alike instinctively seek

the Good best.

Evil strives to obtain it

via various forms of lust.

The wicked are devoid of all might.

Abject and weak evil,

fake being right,

Suffered and punished vice,

rolled the dice.

There's hope for who survives

the disease lies.

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