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Overplayed Downplay

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The MAGA Kool-Aid in the air,

It is a ghoul's maggot flair.

Yellow-perturbation downplayed,

The virus dangers and strayed.

It is a Jim Jonestown punch proffered.

Yellow quietly privately scoffer-ed.

I don't care; I will not lose votes.

Don't let them panic, he promotes.

A once in a hundred years virus

Rides on an awful parchment-papyrus.

Panic will spook the stocks.

But, the disease will kill the flocks.

Downplay it for the money and markets.

Hundreds of thousands are kicking the buckets.

Prevail it like the fifth avenue of filth lying.

It leaves taxpayers sick and dying.

Your health versus the wreathed economy,

In his wager, the impact is tragic.

Bereavement; and hardship everywhere;

Swiftly and effectively like magic.

The afflicted running fifteen going to zero

The rescue for your health has no hero.

For the corona-virus downplayed,

Many will live no longer; they are prey.

For the sake of panic, he OD-ed

Your leadership has coerced;

you into a casket in a hearse.

Oh, if I have, but a brighter universe.

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