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Nuke Docs Rat

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Allow me to call in the cats to pitch in There’s a rat in the kitchen

The scourge of earth was in our house

That rodent didn’t do his job for hours

But to clutch his fading scraps of power

At home now, our secret pages he scours

The FBI caught the vermin eating the nuke docs

But the kleptocrat continues to up civil war talks

Tick, tick, they harangue

Tick, tock, tick bang, bang

The body count keep going up

He urges the dimwits to drink the death cup

But our nation’s guards are still at the gates To take on they who take up arms against the States

Strapped in for trips across miles and time for other rats

Prepared to scalpel the uncouth and wayward bureaucrats

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