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Nose Blind

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

In the nasal cavity, coronavirus infects.

It damages the cells-sustentacular.

The nearby cells support structure wrecks.

Inflammation fends but fissures the neuromuscular.

It distorts signals via the olfactory bulb to the brain.

Quickly, it banes the pathways and impedes smell.

But disfigured savory senses mostly regenerate again.

They may not always regenerate soon as well!

The nerve goes through a process of trial and error.

It re-establishes its proper connections with the brain.

And chocolate now is sickly sweet, chemical odor.

A few lose become nose blind for much longer in vain.

To some, the virus likely kills off aroma neurons.

Or the body emotively destroys neural pathways.

Just to keep the infection from reaching the brain.

See no evidence in the burning of the bridge sways.

In some patients, neurons are dying.

These neurons are in an indirect mechanism of killing.

The immune system response is the best care generating.

Warded patients' depression and anxiety remain unabated.

Faulty rewiring in patients report parosmia,

Doctors unravel the patients' anosmia.

Help patients recover from nose-blind.

Since the sense of smell is an issue of mental health.

Source: Sandeep Robert Datta, Harvard Medical School; ScienceDirect

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