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Mr. Speaker

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Once again, I did my own research crowd,

Elected to congress on a MAGA-Viagra cloud,

With disgusting views and entitlements info,

Chose a path like some shameless nympho

They embraced queries that turned on hubris,

Then they latched on to too many maybes.

Their developing brains operate without logic.

To tell them otherwise would be near tragic.

Ask it of him who’s a bumbling badger;

A meandering and mindless dodger

He who survived the fifteenth bite of crippling venom,

Even when insides die and the outside is numb

His moves are never borne out of conviction.

So, he gave in to pugnacity without restriction

All they need now is only to invent any reason

To take steps to ruin these very coming seasons

His actions flow from some warped belief

A faith; a malignant idea of legacy infection,

Covered in a peristaltic drib of swallowed agitation,

To burry it deep inside the heart without relief

Find your goal before departure from this forecaster

Psychopaths don’t make good leaders; they cause disasters.

That overarching legacy will never smell a whiff,

Let alone taste a morsel of greatness in this whip.

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