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Moribund Jokes

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

I was unfree in the custody of the moribund disease,

I scoured the back-burners of my memory to release;

The virus's blindside, and I wanted to let off a long yawn.

I eavesdropped on life only to sneeze at the breaking dawn.

When it affected me personally in view of the dreaded,

In the grips of the squeeze, I took lessons from the dead.

Many were free to have a change of heart before the grave.

To catch the rise of the sun with a new life force they crave.

But, they awaken on the edge of annoyance.

To find the political rush is but an attractive nuisance.

I see bodies, the urn's fine dash of ash and tears.

But, they found a way to scroll the screens for more fears.

The delusion was implanted in their clothes with fancy ideas.

But, I hail those who petition me safely to stay.

And now, I have more years to poke the kinfolks.

To take time to psych who broke the code for jokes.

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