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Measly Baby

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

The baby is now small and unimportant.

He is rejected with scorn on a verdant.

Cheat, he cheats as he went.

Whine, he whines as he vents.

The countryside green grass misfit.

No base hit the vegetation he gas lit.

In amber in and out went the hand.

It had stopped but invoked no talk;

on the camber of this tarred land.

He waits for the pale male to walk.

In the end, misogyny gets a disband.

Remand to do time to don a crosswalk.

Paltry sums take the hands of measly.

Behind a mask of hate, hide your misery.

Caprice tenants find no promised grandeur.

Once delighted in my throe now piss-poor.

Bye, let go of your prima donna; he awaits.

On the groom's last flight, misery awakes.

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