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Maga Red Wave

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The Maga vilians promised a crushing crimson wave

While the cheaters bated the mirage with their hooks

By noon they barbed themselves onto the crooks

They twitched and danced into that marriage in the caves

The rising tide of fascism was afloat on a sea of vitriol

While the medieval Maga shout down their rivals

Then their ship ran aground in the foaming shallow red wave

But democracy from them, patriots needed to save

They vexed the world with their alta egoes

As the fascist mirage bubble went bust

On their throats, voters have their stilettos

The shaggy election deniers have bitten the dust

That baggy oldman should go away at the end of day

He came out of the womb breaking all the rules.

But to make a point of settling a score is for fools

The sham mumbled something before scrambling away

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