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MAGA Golem

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Hatefully created in a torrent of lies

Red, white, and blue lit up the skies

Scoured the internet's alternate truth

Eager victim cumbered is kept uncouth

A crooked man fostered the Golem,

The negative social media bloggers,

Nihilists YouTubers and truth foggers

To see any note of truth as a problem

Willing muggins of the infomercial hoax

Have wallowed in that prate of force

A tranche of their lives is to serve the lie

To knowingly troll probity with bitter bile

Like a gnat, the facts live in their clothes

To always deliver them into their throes

Now the creators have to run for their lives

The Golem had turned on them for their hides

By twist of fate or by any virtuous amity

Justice will firmly deliver accountability

For faith rides on the wings of the morning

To farthest oceans to save a nation drowning

But entreat, lest logic ration their care

The Golem is not keen on who to spare

Who is not scared to say their last prayer

Or who insists that all that foul still is fair.

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