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Holes In The Walls

The guards rails are now holes in the walls

Come, walk with me down these very halls

Let's talk about the deceptive red mirage

That tricks eyes into a seething rage

Everywhere you turn,

There’s the smell of theft

It pervades your nose with an acid burn

And the earth is force-fed the grift

While the chameleon turns into the Newt

The rat squirrels away national security docs in a loot

But this may not be yet the darkest fruit

Of mankind's brief sojourn on this planet

From the quickening madness of the present faith

To the insatiable conspiracies truth’s alternate

The AR15 that feeds on human flesh awaits

They seek more while they swarm like angry hornets

Turn the pages of history

They drip with the redness of people's pain

Take a cursory look into any past victory

It invokes sordid memories of the holocausts in vain

Venture a peek into the future for a forecast

It is a futile attempt to escape this familiar cast

The birth of MAGA effectively marks your fate

Their daily mirth is an embodiment of hate

Elsewhere, gentler ones sadly slip into oblivion

A new breed effectively replaces them in the pavilion

Without much of a lesson or the sense of history

While the cries of victims echoing in the lanes is no mystery

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