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Hobson's Choice

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

You started with an alternate truth.

You have set that tone since your youth.

Voters dare you to be great but, you choose to hate.

When you go west, the press will give it a welcome rest.

You lied in every state you have breathed.

You can't lay in any state you have lied unsheathed.

Your lies walk your history back to Berlin.

Your whittler values are plural and conflicting.

Hear this a Hobson's choice to voice.

Tenure it right or despotize the poor.

Your nose is getting longer and touches the floor.

You chose yourself through the rot-gilded door.

Gofers don't seem to care or notice the deceits.

Gophers pretend not to see the vicious tweets.

Loafers loathe and loath accord with others residing.

Lovers of humanity will sigh relief at the tidings.

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