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Hang My Pens

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

When the criminal perils call

And the dominoes start to fall

Because they cradled the Nazi heritage

And quoted the pernicious threats

They have a nation to rule or ruin

And no notion of lose or win

So, they say to hang my pens

But they mortally wounded mime pence

With Rudy at the backyard fence

Spouting treasonous texts to prune

The truth they have to impugn

The GOP snowflakes whine

They cry

And they complain

Foaming at the mouth outrage to fake

Roaming the halls of congress to make

The freaks on the fringes

Ride or die

With the big lie

There's no personal space

When evil lives three feet from your face

We have met the enemy -the mouse

And he was in our house

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