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Guilty Kraken

In the dystopian cult where the Kraken treads,

Chaotic MAGA, incipient political evil spreads,

The self-righteous brood pools guilty conduct,

But Justice will pierce the facade with reality's impact.

The Kraken drowns, where truths lay displayed;

Sturdy, in pretense, the monster on the edge of a blade,

Strange doesn't suffice for this blooming combustion.

As events measuredly tick towards their bitter conclusion.

In life's grand design, choices define our fate,

Shameful behavior brings a dire twist of late,

Time's relentless march, the devil's debts are due,

In their wandering, memories of truth shadows accrue.

In the storm's brewing heart, a torrent to behead,

The court’s long arm, a tempest overhead,

The armor you seek to guard against worldly strife,

May well be the weapon that has the bane of your life.

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