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Go Quietly

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Some sore losers will angrily

talk long into the night.

Embracing the darkness,

they shamefully will walk.

They always invariably

fade out of sight.

This sore loser arrogantly balks,

and chose to stay in the chaos in spite

Here's a goodbye to hate;

shamed begone with golf.

Please, don't stub your toe;

Since for us, life now is bright.

Jack don't come back

no more, no more, no more!

You are your bitter foe, senor

Pray, be peaceable and be dearth quiet;

Then, go quickly but gently

into that good night.

Be out of that door,

and don't honk or tonk.

Hasten; get out, run, don't walk.

Don't ever tempt fate to even up a score.

To find other vagaries

and venalities to explore.

From the Whitehouse, the loser banishes

into the ocean.

Moaning and groaning,

the emptiness punishes.

Peace and unity are chaperoning

to rebuild the nation.

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