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Borrowed Wings 🪽

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Oh, how oft I yearn to borrow the eagle's grace,

I crave the freeing of my soul from this place,

I longed to break away on feathered wings,

Escaping on plumed currents from earthly things,


Ascending high in the skies where I belong,

To vocalize Liberty's tunes with the voice as strong,

Towards bird isles on the Earth's farthest edge,

I'll fly ceaselessly, breaking every pledge,


On crested currents, soaring with sweet melodies,

I'll fly unfettered, not a care for the writer's parodies,

Until I reach the bend where Earth and river blend,

The places where my travails transcend vilipend.


When I arrive at the curve where Earth and sky unite,

That place where hardships transcend any slight.

In the boundless sky where my essence finds its song,

I'll echo the harmonies of freedom, steadfast and strong.

Inspired by Of Birds and Freedom by Dr. Mawuli Adze.

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