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Foxes and Their Dog

In the media, where foxes roam,

There lived a pack, not all alone.

Amongst the trees and moonlit night,

Their spirits danced, so full of fright.

With fur as red as the setting sun,

They played and frolicked, oh what pun!

Each fox, graceful, wild, and free,

Embracing the essence of pure ecstasy.

And by their side, a loyal friend,

A faithful dog, till the very end.

Together they ventured through the glade,

Inseparable, their bond never swayed.

Through fields they ran, chasing vile dreams,

Their laughter echoing in joyful streams.

Their paws in sync, a harmonious beat,

An enchanting melody, both in wild tweets.

The foxes led, their spirits by the right,

The dog followed, a guiding light.

Through hidden trails and secret groves,

They discovered fibs' treasures, untold stories untold.

In twilight's embrace, beneath starlit skies,

They shared secrets, whispered their goodbye

For the foxes knew, in the morning's glow,

They'd dance again, their spirits aglow.

And so, they ventured on, forever untrue,

The foxes and their dog, a magical crew.

In false realms, they found solace and glee,

A timeless bond, for all eternity.

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