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Wounded Bird Falling Violently From The Sky

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Political whispers slithered, a serpent's hiss,

Promising supremacy and might, a venomous kiss.

Strength's deceptive coils, a treacherous buy,

Fear gripped, the old raptor believed the lie.


Like a wounded bird falling violently through the sky,

The snake's venom sinks in, the die is cast, so bye

Upon the raptor's wing, its power once soared,

Crass and greed, a shameless pair, it adored.


The raptor's feathers of ambition, once proud and free,

Now poisoned by the winds of duplicity story.

Its flight, a dance with fate's cruel decree,

A tragic tale etched in the annals of history.


From towering ascent to a mushrooming rise,

To grift, to blackmail, woven in political disguise.

But on this day, its fortunes show the decay,

As the heavens weep for the falcon's dismay.


The echo of the pledge, now distant cries,

Like a rasping murmur, the falcon sighs.

Through stormy debates wrapped in Hitler's verbiage,

They once ruled the earth, now sealed by fate.


The raptor's wing, a symbol of might,

Had once carried it through blight and plight.

Yet, even the strongest wing can tire,

And dreams that soared now face the fire.


In the descent, reflections of weakness unfold,

Of the serpent's tale, always deceptive and cold.

Will a phoenix rise from the ashes of despair?

But for now, the falcon plummets through the air.


As the chapter ends, a decaying legacy in question,

The hand of destiny leaves a dead heart impression,

The wounded bird, once proud and true,

Now falls from grace and the stars it once knew.


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