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Delta-ED and ICU-ED

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

They yell from their diapered rooftops.

You fell for it and avoided the vaccine stops.

They know their dear leader has failed.

So, they are having your health curtailed.

Take the Covid vaccination before intubation.

I think you’d want to stay alive for the next election

But hey! I’d not dare to stir in my ignorance.

To tread upon your right to freedom and utterance.

I have no ICU beds for you anywhere else., tho!

These are the things the future foretold.

The anti-vaccination stand will surely kill enough.

But, your mistrust in science must stand tough.

These very pains I bear from throwing rocks

Into the swirly eddies at the dock.

I’d walk out now to throw away my love and vows.

With discontent, I’d leave the fiefdom to the callow.

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