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De Minimisi Not At All

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

In GOP's MAGA polyphony politics, a dark refrain unfolds,

Every nuance of syntax designed to manipulate and scold.

The citizens, mere victims, unwitting of this scheme,

As politicians orchestrate their power-hungry dreams.

With silver tongues and pretense, they spin a web of lies,

Exploiting every emotion, every fear that underlies.

Each phrase, a calculated move, a carelessly placed note,

To keep the masses blind, to keep them all remote.

Their symphony of deception, a harmony of deceit,

Drowning out the truth so their intentions stay discrete.

Play upon hopes and dreams, our yearnings to be free,

Yet their actions paint a different tale, a portrait we don't see.

The stanzas of corruption, disguised with flowery speech,

Betray the trust of citizens; within their grasp, they reach.

They dance upon a tightrope, balancing on the line,

Between the will of people and their selfish grand design.

Their verses weave with aggressions, narratives untrue,

With gaslighting and deflection, they distort our world askew.

In this symphony of power, the believers are pawns,

Their voices wild amidst the noise, their needs forever gone.

Should hope not flicker in the dark, a beacon in the night?

Should unity and truth not rise and reclaim what's right?

Let's listen keenly to the chords, discern each subtle sound,

And rise above the din, as one, our strength unbound.

In the face of polyphony politics, together, we'll stand tall,

To break the chains that bind them and reclaim the power for all.

For in the hearts of citizens and denizens, a symphony will rise,

To harmonize for justice and dispel the darkened lies.

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