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Cytokine Storm

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Soon the storm quickly gathered

All systems are torn and battered

Lungs laden with phlegm’s heavy load

So, my hearts sunk with the road

Life is empty, and I am all alone

And I am annoyed to the bone

That all things under the sky below

Got soaked, the reasons, I now know

I wanted help with my leaky boat

But the good doctor had left with his coat

A steady groan is caught in my throat

Now is not the time to wish I can float

This is probably the last night

I will ever again see the light

My immune system has gone haywire

Inflammation has set my lungs on fire

Unafraid of Covid, I was very bold

But my shell can now feel the cold

The warm air feels chilly against my skin

My breath is too weak to hold my chagrin

The ICU family members look on

They were boosted, but I was their thorn

They watched with sadness in their eyes

They recalled I rode the airwaves in the skies

Now my time is running out

I have lost my flimsy clout

I do not have any time left

Alas, I feel my lonely life bereft

So, before you go, I would let you know

This is my last testament from down below

Kindly choose safety and do not roam!

Avoid that sad rest at the funeral home!

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