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Cruel Deceit

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

In shadows cast by deceit's cruel art,

A conman seeks to play his dastardly part,

With a silvered tongue and cunning scheme,

He weaves a web, a wicked deep dream.

And in his wake, a grifter's grace,

A master of the false embrace,

Who paints a picture, alluring scene,

To ensnare the innocent, it seems.

But hark, dear victim, heed the call,

For in your heart, a truth may fall,

You've joined the team, a willing throng,

Yet blind to where the lies belong.

Oh, cult follower, lost and blind,

In fervent faith, your soul confined,

You've taken steps down a treacherous stream,

Unaware it's all a grand spinning scheme.

Shouldn't you know? The signs are clear.

Couldn't you see illusions spun? Illusions here.

He sold you dreams, a promise gleam,

To stirrup muddy waters, still, serene.

Awaken now from your sleep, slumber deep,

Break free from bonds steep, falsehoods keep,

For truth awaits, faith free, a guiding light,

To lead you bounds and leaps from this endless night.

No more the mark, no more the victim's fate,

Rise above, don't hesitate, remove the ablate

Untangle ties, reeducate to redeem your soul,

And let the waves of truth overcome to console.

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