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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

From the super-spreaders in the rose garden,

Boldly, they traveled with their minds harden.

They hangout long, and they mingled in tight.

They stayed in many enclosed spaces all night.

When they stumble, we laugh.

When they fall, for agape's sake, we cry.

Now they are sick; we pray no epitaph.

Just like children, they know not why.

A little more leadership is required to delve.

But they reinvent the wheel for themselves.

Except it might all be a game of the political con.

The victory over the disease story is a lie bygone.

In the most protected house in the land,

COVID knocked down the doors unmanned.

Many positives with the sense of smell impaired.

The Ironic hoax pretends brains from umpired.

I tell my people to slow down the test, please?

Forty-eight hours to fourteen days is an incubation blitz.

Testing does not prevent the test taker from infection.

A negative today does not mean you are in protection.

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