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Cognitive Test Aced

Updated: Nov 6, 2020


Down, down, down!

Down a steep ramp;

Wearing rubber bottom shoes.

Goes the yellow-perturbation tramp.

He completed the whining chat show.

Achieved sipping water from a glass;

Downing it one-handed,

produced laughing gas,

Ego reflated,

low-class fudge tamps down snow.


Go down that,

Oh, how terrifying the steep ramp?

The adoring minions foment and cheer.

Relieved that was proof of life revamp.

Drinking water with one hand is a weaponeer.

Critics betide enlightened he was gone.

Proved them wrong with a stare-down.

This treacherous steep ramp malformed.


These rubber shoes, not holding camp.

Might fall and might break a lump;

To the delight of the enemies and snub.

Army general's heavy tread a sturdier shrub.

Finally, that elusive courage he mastered.

The last three feet of that steep ramp raced.

Well forged by fire and strength tested.

Lifetime achievement cognitive test aced!


Billed $16.74,

what is your change from $20?

Empathy and forswear belatedly

mete out plenty.

Earnestly speak function's gut-groan

and mourn!

Repeat earlier rhyme

and a verse for the clown.

You would be the very best con,

not a crown.

Are you ready? You ready?

Speak to a person, woman, man, TV, camera;


You aced a 'not-stupid-test'

the fool in-charge.

Here the weakling squandered

our world power-barge.

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