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Burner Phones

From chewy bathroom matters to burner phones,

it has been anger, ruse, and scam all along.

Evil wrought one damn thing after the other

To turn the government into a racketeering organization.

With constant malefaction and corruption,

Sex had them ambushed to expose their groins

with their weeny-teeny genitalia leading the way.

Their lips twitched to the malicious rhythm of the winds.

When they nurture criminality with toxic masculinity

They condone immorality with depravity

In orgies and cocaines to look the other way

They have nothing about the devil's outlawry to say.

That blanket wraps them in onions of hooliganism

Wickedness breeds malfeasance and gangsterism

There's something calming about hereditary of fate

when weak leaders cohabit with the iniquities of hate.

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