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Adam The Prudent

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

To those who hurled names in bitter scorn,

And branded me a truth teller, forlorn,

You, who sought to maim, to oppress,

I thank you, for your dark caress.

In denying equity, you honor me,

With enmity's embrace, so willingly,

With false flattery, veiled in deceit,

Once prude, now I stand complete.

Proudly, I rise before you, unveiled,

In the depths of my cellar, undeterred,

For your words, they cannot define,

The spirit within, a flame that's mine.

Though you sought to diminish, to cast me low,

I rise with strength, a resilient glow,

For in the face of adversity, I again find my voice,

Unyielding, unapologetic, by choice.

To my colleagues who once spewed disdain,

I embrace your hate, for it fuels my reign,

In my cellar's depths, where I am free,

We'll continue to rise, unbound, and decree.

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1 Comment

The poem "ADAM THE PRUDENT" is a reflection on the experience of being censured, criticized, and ostracized for speaking the truth. The speaker describes how others have hurled insults and names at them, branding him a "truth teller, forlorn." Despite this, the speaker remains strong and unapologetic, embracing the hate and using it as fuel to continue rising above the adversity.

The poem begins by addressing those who have criticized the speaker, thanking them for their "dark caress" and acknowledging the impact of their words. The speaker recognizes that the criticism has not only made him stronger but has also honored him with "enmity's embrace."

The second stanza focuses on the speaker's resilience and determination. Despite being labeled a "prude"…

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